Old News

Here is a newsletter of the Centre for Development in Central America in Nicaragua.

Ireland Yearly Meeting 2021
Faith in Action – Friday 9th April
David Gamble will give an update on IQFA recent activities.


You can contribute to Right Sharing by saving used postage stamps.
For more information, visit https://www.rswr.org/stamp-program
Send your stamps to:
Stamps for Right Sharing,
c/o Indianapolis First Friends,
3030 Kessler Blvd. East Dr.,
Indianapolis, IN 46220.

Memoirs of a Reluctant German

Churchtown Friend, Iris Taylor, has a new book out now and  IQFA will benefit from the sale of this book.

“In her very engaging and well-crafted memoir of a life lived in
intercultural spaces, Iris Taylor reflects with good humour and
humanity on the fascinating people and places she has encountered
on her way. This book will appeal not only to readers engaged in
Irish and German Studies but also to those interested in identity,
interculturalism and dealing with the legacy of the past.
Underpinned by her Quaker perspective, Iris Taylor’s book invites
– and deserves – a wide readership”.
Professor Emeritus Jenny Williams

Available from selected bookshops
RRP € 15 plus postage as required.
For further information please contact

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