Support for Afghan Further Education (SAFE)

Support for Afghan Further Education (SAFE) is a non-profit, non-political organisation founded in Ireland in 1990 in response to the devastating effect on education due to the Afghan tragedy. Its objectives are to promote, encourage and advance the education of Afghans and to relieve their poverty and distress.

SAFE has worked with an Afghan NGO, Central Afghanistan Welfare Committee (CAWC), for many years. In 2019 CAWC, in partnership with UNICEF, started a project for rural Afghan women in the area of Daikundi Province. It was a training project for tailoring and embroidery, the plan being that the women would eventually open a shop and sell their merchandise. The training was well underway when the political and security changes happened.

SAFE is helping CAWC re-establish the project as the employment of women means that their children can be fed. Due to continual drought and the political situation, Afghan children are suffering poverty and starvation.

IQFA’s donation to this worthwhile project will help to re-establish the women’s cooperative and deliver refresher training to 40 graduated women in the tailoring and sewing centre. Also, the repair and re-installation of sewing machines, installation of solar panels, battery inverters and charge controllers.

Giving a little helps a lot