On this page, there will be a link /Links to donate through PayPal by using any credit card.

For those who are able to help a little more, we would like to remind friends of the Tax Back Scheme available to taxpayers. At the end of the year, if you have contributed an annual minimum of €250.00 or more, IQFA can claim back the tax you paid on that donation. So if you donate €250, we can claim an extra €112.33 tax back from Pascal Donoghue and revenue commissioners – meaning your original donation is worth €362.33 to the Irish Quaker Faith in Action.

All for about the cost of a cup of coffee every week for a year!

 A cup of coffee €5.00 per week

52 weeks per year

€260.00 to IQFA which turns into €362.33

Just something to think about.

Here are the IQFA bank details

IBAN:  IE66 BOFI 9002 0164 1985 89


Giving a little helps a lot