What we do

We are primarily a small development charity who pride ourselves in being efficient in delivering help to small developmental charities where we feel we can have an immediate and long-lasting effect.

Here are some projects we have helped in the recent past

Quaker Service

Kano Women Group


Friendly Water for the World

Providing Clean Water and Employment Opportunities 

Internado Student Hostel in Bolivia: Bolivian Quaker Education (BQE) is a Bolivian non-profit organisation working to improve education for the Aymara, a large portion of Bolivia’s indigenous majority. One of its most important projects is the Internado Pallca Pampa-BQE, a student residence that enables young people from isolated rural communities to attend secondary schools in Sorata. In addition to a safe and supervised home-away-from-home, the internado provides educational enrichment, guidance and support, career orientation, and life skills in a warm and loving community. It does not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. For students who come from some of the world’s most severe rural poverty, education can change lives for present and future generations. Young indigenous professionals are needed in the current cultural and political transformation.
Begun in 2006, the Internado has received generous support from friends in several countries that enabled the purchase of a former bed and breakfast, an ideal setting for current needs. It now serves 21 students from communities as much as a 9 hour walk from the high school. Four students have recently been honoured
as flag bearers in civic holiday parades; 3 as the best in grade level, one best in the school. Another is the province chess champion. Three of the first 4 graduates are enrolled in post-secondary study. All 4 most recent grads plan to enter university in January. It will be exciting to watch these young people develop their abilities in the future.
With capable administration and good program in place, the Internado is entering a new phase –small business projects to teach useful skills and generate income. The first venture is a small bakery where students will produce nutritious breads and speciality p
roducts for their own consumption and for sale to local tourist hostels. Please see our project description and photos. Any amount will help to change lives.

Palestine Trauma Centre

Center for Development in Central America in Nicaragua

Apostolic Women’s Empowerment Trust in Zimbabwe (through Christian Aid): Women and girls in Zimbabwe’s apostolic religious sects are beginning to embrace modern forms of Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) services which were previously shunned, thanks to intensified engagement and dialogue with the church communities by concerned stakeholders. The Apostolic Women Empowerment Trust (AWET) in Zimbabwe is one stakeholder organization in Zimbabwe which is on the forefront of capacitating apostolic religious groups and churches in Zimbabwe to empower the apostolic women and girls on Sexual Reproductive Health Right (SRHR), including education on the negative effects of child marriages. The Apostolic Women Empowerment Trust consists of a group of unified women who provide long-term vision and direction for the needs of all women by exploring the characteristics or spiritual disciplines needed for women to grow spiritually. The goal of the team is to show women the pathway for living for God, focusing on all women of all ages and stages in the Christian walk.

Giving a little helps a lot