Kano Women Group

Josephine sells many types of cereals in the market

Kano Women Group is a group of young women, age 20-40. They were all already running small businesses in a nearby urban center when they applied to Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR) for funds to “scale up” those businesses.  The RSWR team in Kenya was impressed with the organization and business knowledge of the chairwoman, secretary, and treasurer who had already arranged training from several community development organizations for their members.  Although their businesses were small because of lack of capital, they had drive, organization and an eagerness to learn.

KWG received their RSWR funds in July 2018 and gave their first loans in August.  Six months later, the group reports that, while there have been challenges, the project is basically going well.  Some of the challenges included a drought which raised prices and lowered available stock for those women selling vegetables and farm produce.  Also, some of the women had transportation troubles getting their stock to their local market.  And time management was an issue, especially when school started and their children’s needs interfered with time at the market.

However, most of the women are repaying their loans on time and their businesses are thriving.  This group puts special emphasis on saving and requires that each woman pay Ksh.400 (€3.50) into a group savings plan every month for future emergency needs. The group concludes their report by saying:  Kano Women Group [wishes] to thank RSWR who have changed our lives.  They have enabled us to provide for our children.  Life is going well.  We pray that God helps Right Sharing of World Resources go all over the world and assist women.  This will help women to fight with poverty in our countries.

Giving a little helps a lot