Friendly Water for the World

The mission of Friendly Water for the World is to expand access to low-cost clean water technologies and information about health and sanitation to people in need of them. We provide opportunities for Quakers and those of other faiths and traditions to partner with individuals and communities working to improve living conditions around the world and to learn from each other.

In summer 2016, IQFA contributed to a very, very successful training program for four new groups of unemployed youth in Mudende, in western Rwanda. All four groups are now producing BioSand Filters, with members earning income for their respective families, and many people drinking clean water for the first time. Local authorities are extremely pleased. In fact, local authorities from the next district over (Musanze) were prompted by the results to put up almost half the funds for the training there, which IQFA funded. In summer 2014, IQFA contributed $2,920 U.S. to Friendly Water for the World for the cost of 63 BioSand Water Filters and two all-day community sanitation/hygiene forums and training held in the Mugunga Refugee Camp, south of Goma, Congo-DRC.

Also, in summer 2017, IQFA provided a portion of the funds for training of people from six countries to learn how to fabricate MicroFlush toilets. They are now being successfully produced in Rwanda, and in orphanages in Goma, Rwanda.

Friendly Water for the World works with local communities across the globe to promote the use of, and build BioSand Water Filters – an inexpensive, ecologically friendly, household technology invented in 1993 by Dr David Manz that can remove up to 99% of bacteria and viruses, as well as worms, cysts, and some metals, from the water supply. Dr Manz gifted the patent to the world. Because BioSand Water Filters are made of locally available materials and require no electricity or moving parts, Friendly Water for the World can teach local communities to fabricate, distribute, and install the filters themselves, without government or long-term NGO involvement, or import of equipment. Simply put, Friendly Water for the World can go where governments or larger scale aid organizations can’t, or won’t. Together with training in community sanitation and simple health promotion techniques, use of BioSand Filters can eliminate up to 80% of waterborne diseases – cholera, typhoid, dysentery (of all types), intestinal worms, and parasites. (Documentation of the effectiveness of BioSand Water Filters can be found at Our work is always community-based and directed toward improving public and community health. We also teach people to build rainwater catchment/Ferro-cement tank systems and MicroFlush toilets. ( )

Friendly Water for the World sees itself as a partner in expanding access to low-cost clean water technologies and information about health and sanitation. What sets us apart from other groups with BioSand initiatives is that we assist local groups in establishing micro-businesses and cooperatives for sales and distribution of BioSand Water Filters, with the intention that these groups will become self-sustaining. We currently have projects in Uganda, India, Rwanda, Ethiopia, DRC-Congo, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Kenya, Liberia, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Bolivia, Mexico, and Honduras. In 2019, we will begin work with Quaker-related organizations in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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