Pop-up Plant Sales

Hi Friends,

We are once again running our very popular “pop-up” plant sale with proceeds going to IQFA.

The idea is that a selection of plants, both house plants, and garden plants are propagated by green-fingered Friends who donate their home-grown plants to the plant boxes. At the moment we have a mixture of houseplants and outdoor garden plants and shrubs. Hopefully, when established this idea will self-propagate and become self-perpetuating (maybe even invasive!) with a group of Friends from different meetings supplying plants grown from seeds, cuttings, division, or however.

The outline of the idea is that:

The plant boxes arrive at a Meeting House with a base collection of plants and will stay for about two or three weeks.

Friends purchase plants and maybe donate some of their own home-grown plants.

Friends are encouraged to take a plant home with them and make a donation through the PayPal section of IQFA.net, or to give money to their local IQFA person

A Friend might organise a plant and coffee morning whereby they would bring the plant boxes home and invite friends and neighbours in for a coffee and maybe buy a plant.

House plants or garden plants make great gifts and help enormously with biodiversity!
Friends are urged to buy a plant and do good twice!

After about two or three weeks a Friend (hopefully) will volunteer to bring the plant boxes to another meeting house (or maybe Monthly Meeting, IYM committee, Quarterly Meeting,) and make contact with a member of that meeting who will then mind the plant stock and arrange for the plants to go somewhere else.

We are asking Friends, young and old to join in and help, whether planting a Chestnut gathered on an autumn walk, planting cuttings from a Spider Plant or planting some seeds in spring. Maybe, by giving a plant a little water as it waits in a meetinghouse before its new owners take it to its new home!

If the plant boxes are causing a problem or outstaying their welcome we can be contacted and I will arrange to rescue the plants!

In 2022 the plant boxes landed in some of the Leinster quarterly meetings and were very well received, with over €1000.00 being raised for IQFA.
In 2023 we hope to involve Munster Meetings. If you would like to help and be involved, please get in touch here: iqfawebmaster@gmail.com

This project is in the early stages of development and not all of the problems are discovered or solved yet! But speed trumps perfection. Please help us make this work.

I would be obliged if you could mention this after Meeting and encourage Friends in your meeting to become involved.

Help and suggestions are always most welcome.

During 2022 the popup sale has been to:
Edenderry – May
Churchtown PM – June
Rathfarnham PM – July
Eustace Street PM – August 

Giving a little helps a lot