Plant Sales for IQFA

Hi Friends,

We are once again running our popular “pop-up” plant sales with proceeds going to IQFA.

The idea is that a selection of plants, both house plants and garden plants are propagated by green-fingered Friends.
A box of home-propagated plants arrives at a meeting house and plants are for sale after meeting. Friends take a plant and make a donation to IQFA via the PayPal button or give it to the IQFA person at their meeting.
Friends who have propagated plants during the year donate some of their home-grown plants to the plant boxes. the box moves to a different meeting after two or three weeks. In 2023 we had boxes going around Leinster, Munster and the west.
Friends might organise a plant and coffee morning whereby they would bring the plant boxes home and invite friends and neighbours in for a coffee and maybe buy a plant.
House plants or garden plants make great gifts and help enormously with biodiversity! Friends are urged to buy a plant and do good twice!

Hopefully, when established this idea will self-propagate and become self-perpetuating (maybe even invasive!) with a group of Friends from different meetings supplying plants grown from seeds, cuttings, division, or however.

We would also encourage Friends to propagate some houseplants for the IQFA Christmas sale In Dublin.

Giving a little helps a lot