Peace Works Zimbabwe (PWZ)

PWZ operates under the auspices of Luton and Leighton Area Quaker Meeting to continue 2 peace education projects
(1) Alternatives to Violence Zimbabwe offering free conflict resolution training to community groups and individuals and
(2) Peace Clubs in Schools, with both projects managed by AVP Zimbabwe (AVPZ), based in Bulawayo Meeting House.
There are clear signs of a cultural shift in Zimbabwe, providing opportunities for peace education, not previously available, including the outlawing of corporal punishment in schools and the introduction of peace education into the school curriculum. To date, around 50 secondary schools and 12 primary schools have introduced Peace Clubs, with AVPZ offering free training to at least 2 teachers per school, and a new manual now available for secondary schools.
In 2022 a branch of AVPZ was set up in Harare which needs an injection of funds to develop a pool of locally based trainers and make contact with schools and community groups to set up further Peace Clubs. Two trained teachers can provide conflict resolution to about 30 students a year, and these students in turn become peer mediators and ambassadors for peace in their schools. The funding provided by IQFA will help to provide training and development for five AVP courses in Harare.

Peace Clubs in schools are voluntary groups of students who meet after school or during break times to learn about and practice peace-building in their school. They receive training in conflict resolution skills, become peer mediators in their own schools and contribute hugely to building a culture of peace not only in their school but in their families and in the wider community.

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