IQFA stands for Irish Quaker Faith in Action. IQFA’s purpose is to distribute money (from Quaker and other donations) to projects, in Ireland and overseas, that serve people and groups who are especially in need of help. Sample projects that have been funded by IQFA in the past include Friendly Water For The World- Kenya, an organisation that spreads information to enable people living in poverty to access clean water, and Cork Penny Dinners, who make nourishing meals for the people of Cork, for only a small coin a meal. IQFA is, therefore, an active and concrete expression of our Quaker faith, and a way to support small organisations (ones that may not be funded by larger charitable organisations) and give them the boost they need.

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  • Examples of organisations that have been supported recently:
  • Friendly Water for the World
  • KMF Productions
  • Internado Student Hostel in Bolivia
  • Palestine Trauma Centre
  • Center for Development in Central America in Nicaragua
  • Quaker Service
  • Apostolic Women’s Empowerment Trust in Zimbabwe (through Christian Aid)

Origin: Overseas work of the Yearly Meeting was originally FFMA (Friends Foreign Missionary Association). It then became FSC (Friends Service Council – Irish Section) and then Quaker Peace and Service (Irish Peace and Service). We were then an integral part of London Yearly Meeting structure until 1992 when it was decided to set up our own yearly meeting body namely Irish Quaker Faith in Action (IQFA).

Purpose: “To give practical and spiritual help and support to the Christian concerns of Irish Friends; desiring to be guided to do God’s work in helping to build His kingdom on Earth.”

Composition: We are a committee of Ireland Yearly Meeting appointed by Ireland Yearly Meetings Committee and are made up as follows:-

Ulster Quarterly Meeting ——— 3 representatives
Leinster Quarterly Meeting —— 3 representatives
Munster Quarterly Meeting —– 3 representatives
Yearly Meetings Committee —– up to 3 representatives
Ex-officio —————————– Clerk of Yearly Meeting
Young Friends are asked annually to appoint their own ex-officio representative.

Giving a little helps a lot