Shauri Moyo FRIENDS

Shauri Moyo Friends Church

Shauri Moyo Quaker church is part of Nairobi Monthly Meeting. It is located in east Nairobi near a slum area. It started as a house fellowship that grew to become a church. In 1992. It has 169 members.

Irish Friends have been in touch with Shauri Moyo since the early 1950s when one of the Shauri Moyo Friends stayed with an Irish Friend. In 2012 the some of these Irish Friends attended the  FWCC conference in Karaback, Kenya and went to the local Friends church, joined them in worship and met Pamela Nafula Ngoya, the wife of the local pastor, and also a pastor herself. She welcomed them into her house and spoke of the simplicity of her life. This contact was maintained over the years. During the global covid 19 Pandemic, some Friends in Pamela’s area were locked down and out of work with no income or food, one of the Irish Friends started collecting money and sending money for food. With the help of other Irish Friends money was sent to provide food and other essentials. Because the children needed smartphones to join in remote learning we also assisted with this. Nineteen families in Njoro and fifteen families in Shauri Moyo have been receiving food from these donations.

Giving a little helps a lot